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On September 23, 2017, Helene Neville, an author, professional speaker, endurance athlete, cancer survivor, Flag for Hope Star, and adventurer, completed a seven-year, 12,855 mile solo run across every state in the contiguous Unites States. She is the first woman, second person, and the first person in recorded history to run this solo. Only Alaska and Hawaii remain to finish the entire USA.


Ocean Beach, California to Atlantic Beach, Florida - 8 states, 2,520 miles in 93 days. (May 1-August 1, 2010).


Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico - 2 countries, 3 states, 1,560 miles in 45 days. (May 1-June 15, 2013). Inside Helene's daily running pack, she carried a 26 pound urn containing the ashes of her recently deceased brother.


Marathon, Florida to Portland, Maine - 15 states, 1,860 miles in 68 days. (May 1-July 6, 2014).


St. Stephens, British Columbia to Ocean Shores, Washington - 17 states, 3,773 miles in 128 days (May 1-September 5, 2015).


Las Vegas Strip Run - 135 miles back and forth from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign to the Welcome to Downtown Las Vegas sign. It took Helene 35 hours to complete this run. (January 30-January 31, 2016).


Philadelphia Art Museum - "Rocky Steps." Helene spread some of her brother's ashes at their childhood home and then ran 10.2 miles with the urn in her backpack to the Rocky Steps. She ran up and down the Rocky Steps 384 times covering 16 miles in 7 hours 30 minutes. (November 25, 2016).


Evanston, Wyoming to West Virginia, to Las Vegas, Nevada - 12 states, 3,142 miles in 147 days. (May 1-September 23, 2017).

* Seven states were run through twice.

Her run is as much about humanitarianism as athleticism. Helene runs to promote unity and community, and cooperation over competition. She runs to inspire the next generation of dreamers to become doers.

In a test of will and faith, Helene set out to prove the power of community by leaving herself vulnerable, purposefully placing herself in a position that required kindness from strangers to succeed. She began and ended each day in unfamiliar surroundings, asking and receiving help mostly from those she didn't know. She chose to look for kindness in others rather than stay on guard expecting the worse. Throughout the country, Helene's message remained the same, 'Rethink Impossible.'

Helene often ran into towns unannounced and asked if someone could provide shelter for the night, or a meal, or transportation back to her starting point the next day. She allowed others to invest in her journey in a personal and impacting way. Imagine the amount of perseverance, determination, and courage it took to stay the course! Helene's seven year run was a true testament to the human spirit with many hardships along the way. When she couldn't run, she walked. When she couldn't walk, she crawled. She kept moving despite all the odds and obstacles in her path, willing herself to finish!

Helene's stories of the people she met are mesmerizing and never-ending. The incredible scale of endeavor, the meticulous preparation, and the emotional magnitude of her achievements are not only incredible and inspiring, her ability to put them across in such a special way has a lasting effect on others. She inspired on foot, and continues to inspire through her writing and her speeches. She's truly a transforming speaker. She shares her stories in a dynamic, enchanting, empowering, and entertaining way, providing valuable lessons to apply to life.

"Alone we can go fast - together as a community, we can go far. When we truly see ourselves - the weaknesses as well as the strengths - and when we are not afraid to reveal them to others - then we can truly see ourselves and the real world around us. We are one, and when we realize we are one, we can do anything! One On The Run" - Helene Neville

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