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One on the Run

93 Days Across America

One On The Run – the story of 2,520 miles in 93 days – is now available!

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One on the Run

Helene Neville, her journey entitled “One on the Run,” ran from Ocean Beach, CA (May 1, 2010) across America to Atlantic Beach, FL (August 1, 2010) in the heat of the summer… 2,520-miles (4053km) in 93 days!

Helene is the first person to run the southern route in the summer and first woman and first nurse ever to complete this course anytime of year. She is the first runner to go across America and North to South. She is on schedule to setting a world record of first runner to transect America North to South, South to North, West to East and East to West. She plans to set this record in 2015.

Helene ran from Vancouver, Canada to Tijuana, Mexico May 1, 2013-June 15, 2013. 1,500 miles in 45 days. “One on the Run, Border to Border” due out in April 2014.

“My run was not to realize my own dreams, but to inspire others realize theirs” – Helene Neville.



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Helene Neville has made it her mission to make a difference. Possessing more than 29 years experience in nursing, business and coaching Ms. Neville has parlayed her interest in health and fitness to accomplish a record making – and record breaking – feat of athletic skill. She is a true visionary with an indomitable spirit.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she attended high school in Burlington, Vermont and college in Iowa. After graduation, she began her nursing and coaching career in 1984.



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Helene Neville is a Nurse who is Making A Difference!

“Helene was our key speaker for Nurses’ Week 2012 “Healthy Caregivers Give Healthy Care.” She was wonderful and inspiring. Helene is endearing, drawing everyone to her and inspiring others to be better. Nurses left there encouraged to take care of themselves and improve their lives.”  Carol Walter, MSN, RN, Nurse Recruitment/Retention Specialist, Phelps County Regional Medical Center


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