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Helene Neville: Four World Records, Flag for Hope Star, Inspirational Speaker, Nurse, Grandmother, Author, and Cancer Survivor. Made her way running solo around the perimeter of the United States (36 states, 9,713 miles).

In 2017, she will run the final 12 states in the middle of America. When she completes this (4,000 miles over 5 months), she will be only the second person and first woman to ever run across every state in the continental United States.

As a humorous, compassionate speaker. Her countless stories of endurance and perseverance are comical, tear-jerking, and entertaining. Helene's inspirational presentation electrifies others to "Rethink Impossible."

Helene has shared her story with almost 200 organizations, both nationally and internationally. She continues to inspire her audiences and ignite the dreams in everyone--through her speeches and with her books.

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